Round 11 Harley-Davidson New York Short Track

Harley-Davidson New York Short Track

  • Weedsport Speedway
  • Weedsport, NY
Total entries: 23
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NO. Rider(s) Bike Sponsor
11 Jason Schreffler Harley-Davidson 1200 West Bend Harley-Davidson, Motion Pro, Bell Helmets, Super Trapp, Vortex, Schreffler Farms
17 Sam Fischer Harley-Davidson Sportster West Bend Harley-Davidson, Fueling Parts, Vortex, Bell Helmets, Cometic
19 Alex Brooks Harley-Davidson 1200 West Bend Harley-Davidson, Brooks Productions, Brooks Moto, Rat Racing
21 Jeff Hogan Harley-Davidson Sportster J&L Cycle, Hannum's Harley-Davidson, Scott Powersports, Diavolo Speed Shop
25 Dan Lauters Harley-Davidson 1200 West Bend Harley-Davdison, Motion Pro, Bell Helmets, Supertrapp, Fueling Parts, Klim, Vortex, Cometic, Gateway Cafe
27 Terry Vestal Harley-Davidson Sportster Fuel Café, Al Muth Harley-Davidson, Red Line Cycles, S&S Cycles, WFO Online, Spectro Oils, Tri R Distributing, CNC Machine, Discos, Pettis Brothers Racing
34 Jeremy DeRuyter Harley-Davidson Sportster West Bend H-D, S&S Cycle, Vortex, Motion Pro, Web Cam, Pro Plates
35 Justin Bender Harley-Davidson Sportster R&D Machine, Zipper's Performance, Red Shift Camshafts, Lombardi Racing, JBR, Wink-Moto, Aegaeon Racing, Fast by Fisk
42 Richard Heverly Harley-Davidson Sportster Hannums Harley-Davidson, Heverly Hardwood Flooring, Hung Lloose Racing, J&L Cycles, LS2 Helmets, Revzilla, Spectro Oils, TC Bros. The Woodrick Family
43 Robert Reese Yamaha Cycle Craft Racing, Two Brothers Exhaust Racing
44 Dan Jacobson Harley-Davidson 1200 Vanilla Cycles, S&S Cycle, Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, Saddlemen, Bill Buitl, Dragon, Ryno Power, TCX, Mobius, Go Pro
45 JJ Flairty Harley-Davidson 1200 Milwaukee Harley-Davidson, Fuel Cafe
62 Darren LePage Harley-Davidson 1200
67 Trevor Monn Harley-Davidson Sportster Baer Racing Products, Fast By Fisk, @wrappedbyachick, Bell Helmets, Biltwell, Caro74happy
81 Mark Martinich Harley-Davidson Sportster Moto-Scoot, Jack Kainz, Helmets with style, Jr's Cycle Products, West Bend H-D, Competition Cycle, Reese Racing, Brusky Racing, Flat out Friday
84 Ed Subias Harley-Davidson 1200 S&S Cycles, Smokey Mountain Harley-Davidson, Gigacycle Garage, Biltwell, Lyndall Brakes, Supertrapp, Brown Bear Racing, Mr. Churro
97 Louie Lauters Harley-Davidson 1200 West Bend Harley-Davidson, West Bend Hartford HOG Chapters, Motion Pro, Vortex, Feuling Parts, Bell Helmets, Cometic, Klim, Gateway Cafe
135 Dave Kilkenny Harley-Davidson 1200 Milwaukee Harley-Davidson, Fuel Cafe
167 James Moroney Harley-Davidson 1200 Moroney's Harley-Davidson, 1-800-FastHog,
182 Hunter Klee Harley-Davidson 1200 Rusty Butcher, S&S Cycle, Medium Made, Cometic
315 John Lapczynski Harley-Davidson Sportster
603 Daniel Swislosky Harley-Davidson 1200
616 Travis Stegall Harley-Davidson Sportster Mac's V Twin